Oak Advisory was founded in 2007 and provides advisory and consulting services. We have a broad range of expertise and pride ourselves in delivering a personal service. We offer maximum flexibility and can easily adapt to address the specific needs of our clients.

Our flexibility enables us to provide innovative & simple solutions for any business problem, irrespective of size or nature.

We consider ourselves experts in project management and assistance, irrespective of the type of project involved. We have provided numerous clients with business solutions, whether previously researched or not.

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We assist our clients in arranging their tax affairs in the most tax-friendly manner possible. We keep up to date with any changes to the relevant tax legislation and can provide expert tax advice and/or opinions on numerous tax issues.

We also provide estate planning services and can develop a relevant estate plan tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Finally, we also act as executors of estates.


We provide an all encompassing service whereby we act as the project manager and oversee and run the project from the initial enquiry and research up to the receipt of the relevant license. We provide the initial research, an initial feasibility study, an in-depth feasibility study and cash flow projections. Following which, we ensure that the client adheres to the relevant requirements set by the regulatory body by developing and implementing tailor made internal rules and procedures and completing the necessary documentation and application forms.

We have assisted numerous clients in obtaining regulatory approval (including memberships and licenses) to either conduct or expand their business. We regularly deal with regulatory bodies including, amongst others, stock exchanges (e.g. the JSE or South Africa Futures Exchange (SAFEX)) and the Financial Services Conduct Authority (previously Financial Services Board).

We have recently assisted a number of businesses to obtain licenses from the Financial Services Conduct Authority to legally operate as financial services providers. We also assist clients to obtain broking-membership with the JSE, including both the equities division and the derivative division.


Our due diligence service includes, amongst others, the performance of due diligence audits on entities, projects, financial projections and compliance to applicable laws, regulations, internal rules and internal procedures. We compile a detailed report offering possible areas of risk or concern and applicable recommendations to address these areas.


We are able to evaluate a broad range of business possibilities and report on the viability thereof. We can also assist in the initial set-up of the business or project, the preparation of a business plan and the implementation thereof, including the implementation of an internal control environment.


We apply our relevant skill, knowledge and expertise obtained through servicing our diverse client base, to value all types of business or segments. We use a range of valuation techniques and provide our clients with a detailed report concerning the different techniques used and the valuation deemed relevant for their particular business.